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Mizzou vs Oklahoma

Mr. B. and I are awaiting the big Big 12 championship game tonight which will decide whether Missouri plays for the national championship. We are pulling for Missouri and their Heisman-candidate QB Chase Daniel, who is from the Dallas area. The bookies favor the Okies, who have already beaten Mizzou once this year. Hopefully CD & Co. have figured out how to prevent a repeat of that.

UPDATE:  With eleven minutes to play, it’s OU 35 and Mizzou just 17. Bye, bye Missouri. Daniel keeps making faces. He’s a Texan. He’s seen the Sooner steamroller before. Now he’s under it. 

Aurora over Missou


 A geomagetic storm triggered Northern Lights as unusually far south as Arizona last night. The cause: a mass ejection from the sun which hit Earth squarely on Thursday. Our planet’s magnetic field reverberated for more than 24 hours after the impact. A second one is due today, but is only expected to be a glancing hit, so it probably won’t cause auroras so far south/ photo by Vic Winters.

Via Spaceweather.com 

Texas vs Baylor

Or, in other words, already looking ahead from today’s 6 p.m. tussle with the Bears in Austin to Nebraska. Horns Fan at Burnt Orange Nation says he will "enjoy watching us slam the Bears on the field." And to Missouri, which begins to look like the Longhorns opponent for the Big 12 title, if the Horns win out their season. Right now, even with close games with Nebraska and Oklahoma State, that looks likely from here.

UPDATE  Then the Ags beat Mizzou 25 to 19 and upset this analysis.