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Those hapless Horns

The terrible thing about Longhorns football these days is not just that they lose so often, but that they do it so boringly. Every time they get the football you just know they’re not going to do anything spectacular with it.

A Texas Tech team can almost beat TCU one week, then fall spectacularly to Baylor the next. The Horns almost beat Cal and the Little Okies and then roll over and play dead for TCU. They were scary bad.

Now all the fair-weather Horns fans want Charlie Strong’s head on a platter. But we know he’ll get another season to keep trying to turn things around. And he should. Just making their play less boring would help, Chuck. A few trick plays, maybe?

Horns Down

Texas QB David Ash’s play against North Texas was pedestrian at best and now we know why. He told the coaching staff later that night he was head-achy and dizzy and he thought it had begun on the first hit he took from a North Texas defender—a shoulder to the head early on. He was sacked twice later.

Now Ash is out, at least for the BYU game Saturday, possibly for good, with his third concussion in a year, and the future is on the young shoulders of sophomore backup Tyrone Swoops who coach Charlie Strong says will start against BYU. Swoops didn’t live up to his promise last year, but he had few opportunities to play long enough to get in any kind of rhythm.

For now we can only be pessimistic about the Horns’ chances against BYU and its dynamic QB Taysom Hill. Not to mention UCLA the following week and the Big 12’s heavy hitters to come, Baylor and Oklahoma. But if the much-improved Texas defense can hold Hill off, and Swoops shows more of the poise and strength he did last year (quite belying his final stats), the “Horns Down” now could turn Up for the future. Good luck, Tyrone!

Via Burnt Orange Nation.

The Stronghorns

Catchy moniker, yes? Now we’ll see what Mr. Charlie Strong can do with Mack’s recruited talent. Whether, in fact, he wants them all. Or will find a way to unload some. He surely needs a much better QB, with no history of concussions.

Strong being black will definitely be a factor in his recruiting in Texas and out, given that, what, two-thirds of college players are black. At least two thirds of most teams. Sez commenter SW M at Forbes:

“One important reason to hire Charlie Strong is [black coach] Kevin Sumlin. Sumlin has generated enormous interest among high school players, especially African Americans, in playing at Texas A&M. Charlie Strong is the best possible response to this very serious threat to the Texas program going forward.”

Sure looks that way. But it remains to be seen how Strong, whom some sports writers say is a thin-skinned disciplinarian, will work out with players who are used to pampering. Being called “kids,” among other things. Not to mention how Strong will scheme to beat OU (which just beat Alabama), OK State, Baylor, etc. Four years of whooping up on Rutgers, East Kentucky and Florida International are not much training for the Big 12.

It was a liberal U’s PC hire, obviously, whatever they say and they certainly won’t admit it, but even though the guy coached football at a basketball school in a second tier conference, he did help Florida win two titles. It might turn out really well. If he can handle the off-field hassles: the occasionally-nasty local media, always whiny fan base, and a few backstabbing big donors.

For now the new nickname, Stronghorns, is a success. Just win, Charlie, just win. Do that and everything else will take care of itself. Hook ‘Em!