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Open season on Texas Longhorns

Today’s losing 28-21 game with Iowa State (Iowa State!) confirms what has seemed to be true since the UCLA debacle two losses ago: This is the year for your Big 12 football team to avenge themselves against those snooty Texas Longhorns.

Consider this: “Iowa State entered Austin with the worst offense and the worst defense in the Big 12. They hadn’t defeated a ranked opponent on the road in more than 20 years, they had allowed 120 points in blowouts over the last two weeks, and most importantly, they had never beat Texas.”

It’s not just Longhorns QB Garrett Gilbert, who is (for sure) bad enough, but the porous offensive line (hey, get a QB sack for free), the seldom-open receivers, and the now-and-then defense. Coach Mack Brown, who has brought us ten entertaining years of winning teams to adore, is having a terrible 2010. (Even his belly is slack and hanging over his belt.)

Your team might as well have a good year. Next week, it’s Baylor. The “Doormat of The Big 12” has a good chance to beat its old rival. Come prepared, you Bears!

UPDATE:  Even the daily’s usual homers/cheerleaders are really upset.

Texas vs UCLA

UCLA has Texas 13 to 3 at the half, in one of the worst Texas games I’ve seen in many years. Four Texas turnovers were bad enough, but QB Garrett Gilbert seems stuck on short-yardage passes or incomplete long ones. Plus the offensive line isn’t protecting him and the defense can’t seem to throttle the UCLA running game. I’ll be surprised if Texas pulls out a win on this one.

UPDATE. They didn’t. UCLA creamed ’em 34 to 12. The second half boos from the Texas fans reported by AP were well-deserved. It’s heretical, but I really think they ought to replace Gilbert with his backup. (Chris Simms, that’s who GG reminds me of. Arrgh.) Course they first have to find some receivers who won’t drop the ball. And an offensive line to protect the new quarterback.

Alamo Bowl, here they come. If they’re lucky.

MORE: From the daily’s sportswriter Kirk Bohls’ conclusions on the game:

“They are a young team that can’t run, can’t block, can’t catch, doesn’t have anyone remotely resembling a big-time, playmaking quarterback yet, makes horrible decisions on special teams and decides not to tackle when momentum heads to the exits.”

And their next two games are against Oklahoma and Nebraska. Lordy.

AND:  Inevitably, Texas fell from its No. 7 perch in the AP media poll to No. 21. Also from No. 4 to No. 16 in the USA Today coaches’ poll.

Beating Oklahoma (No. 8 in the media poll) and Nebraska (No. 6 in the media) would elevate Texas in the rankings again, but neither seems likely now.

Texas 34, Rice 17

Wasn’t a great game. Texas could have played better. QB Garrett Gilbert, too. He had too many under-thrown passes. Hope they do much better against Tech after Wyoming next week.

These in-state games can be murder, though, even from a perennial also-ran like Rice. The undermutts just try harder when they’re playing Texas. Course Rice’s last touchdown came against the Texas second-string.

UPDATE:  The daily headlined it: Ho-Hum Horns. No kidding. Mack Brown betrayed his irritation in the ESPN story (link above) and he let more out for the daily (“I’ve got to continue to work on my patience”). So. Wyoming next. Should be another pushover. Then Texas Tech, which should not be easy at all.

Garrett Gilbert’s promise

Not many people had ever heard of nineteen-year-old Garrett Gilbert when he was rushed onto the field last night at the Rose Bowl to substitute for the injured Colt McCoy.  Garrett is better known here where he led his Lake Travis team to two state championships.

His father Gale played QB in the NFL, for Seattle, San Diego and Buffalo. And, despite his lapses last night, including fumbles, interceptions and overthrown passes, Garrett is not used to losing. In fact, “the last time he lost a game, he won the next 30 straight.”