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Hilarity under fire

Can’t resist. Another sick one. But only in the sense that Dems who never served–like Hilarity, the wife of a shirker–have this deep yen to be combat veterans. So she lied about being under sniper fire in Bosnia. But it could have happened!

Everyone’s wicked stepmother

It never occurred to me to believe the MSM notion that Hillarity could be elected president. Nominated? Sure, but not elected. Seems she’s out there busy proving it already:

"…people began to giggle. At Mrs. Clinton, a woman who has never inspired much mirth. Suddenly they were remembering the different accents she has spoken with when in different parts of the country, and the weird laugh she has used on talk shows. A few days ago new poll numbers came out–neck and neck with Barack Obama in Iowa, her lead slipping in New Hampshire. There is a sense that Sen. Obama is rising, a sense for the first time in this election cycle that Mrs. Clinton just may be in a fight, a real one, one she could actually lose."

Well, now, be that as it may. If you want to see another presidential candidate go down in flames, nominate Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama. The Dems are hopeless for 2008. Not that I’m troubled…

It’s the character, stupid

I remain in the minority, it seems, who doubt that Hillarity can win election to the presidency, even if she has a lock on the Dem nomination. That’s not a surprise. After all, they nominated Kerry. But here’s one example of why Billary is unlikely to appeal to a sufficient number of Americans. She’s too slick by half.

Hillarity & Ma

Seems Hillarity is strong enough in the polls now that the pundits already are handing her the nomination. Yet I cannot help but think that she can’t possibly win, especially when the non-Dems who comprise the majority of voters realize that Slick Willie comes with her. Take a page from Texas history and the first woman governor, Ma Ferguson. After Pa Ferguson got impeached, in a dispute over some banking laws, Ma got elected governor herself. Pa, naturally, came with her. But he had never generated any scandal of morals by messing with the help. Later, she would be accused of signing some questionable pardons. If I remember correctly, Old Bill did two out of the three all by himself, raising his negatives pretty high. Unless enough people have forgotten. They might have forgotten the pardons, but who could forget Monica and her famous dress?

Hey, no kidding


A remark, said a Hillarity mouthpiece, which was "outrageous and dangerous." Dangerous? Sure, just ask Vince Foster. Oh, wait.  

Hillarity rides again

Sen. Clinton wants U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign for firing six U.S. Attorneys, because the AG’s reasons were political. Big whoop. U.S. Attorneys are political appointments and serve at the pleasure of their masters. As Sen. Hillarity knows very well. No wonder no-experience Obama looks so good next to her.

UPDATE  The Fat Guy, a sometime confidant of US Attys, has a good comment on this sham scandal.

Haunted by a pardon

Like a good Dem (at the time) I never bought into Bill Clinton’s nickname of "Slick Willie," not even after he lied about having sexual relations with a woman his daughter’s age (Monica). But when he started issuing pardons in the last hours of his presidency, I decided the moniker more than fit.

Now one of the quid pro quos is popping up, just in time to besmirch Hillary’s campaign for the presidency, specifically involving a $104,000 loan her brother, Tony Rodham, got from one of the pardonees that he has (oops) neglected to repay. Reminds me of Jimmy Carter’s problems with brother Billy. Except that Billy was merely a buffoon, and Carter never pardoned anybody that I’m aware of. Uh, except for the rumor that he helped secure John Kerry an honorable discharge.

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