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Longhorns lose again, 39-14, but the Ags win big

The daily has this priceless recitation of a priceless play against Kansas State that finally led me to turn off the K-State-Texas part of the rube tube and find something better to do.

“Pretty play, similar outcome—Garrett Gilbert threw the prettiest ball of the season when he hit James Kirkendoll in stride on a 68-yard touchdown pass. It was something the offense hadn’t shown all year.

“Kirkendoll was celebrating when he saw the yellow flag lying on the ground. Trey Hopkins was called for holding. The play was called back.”

Stumble bums. Even when they do it right they do it wrong. I’m betting on a 4-8 season and no bowl that’s televised. This is their worst season since I don’t remember when. Even likewise-unranked Southern Cal isn’t this bad.

Earlier, the highlight of the evening was watching Texas A&M throttle Oklahoma (as I expect the Ags will likewise thump hapless Texas on Thanksgiving). As the daily’s Cedric Golden says, these are fascinating times for the Big 12 as the traditional underdogs rise up and take control.

Reprise: Tuscola Kid

It’s McCoy’s return today to playing Kansas State, the team that knocked him out last season and sent the Longhorns to the Alamo Bowl. That’s not expected to happen today, but we’re going to find out.

UPDATE: Did we ever. History repeats: Colt is hurt, again, and the half ends at 24-14 Kansas State. I’d like to be there for Vince’s halftime locker room pep talk. If Colt can’t play, I hope his backup John Chiles can throw.

2nd UPDATE: Colt came back, only to throw more interceptions and get sacked and blown up repeatedly, and with about eight minutes to play it’s obvious K State, at 41-21 so far, is going to win this game for the second year in a row. It’s heresy to say so, but, in addition to an O line, we need a new QB. Trouble is, we don’t really have one. It’s going to be a looong season.

Texas vs Kansas State?

The fans at Burnt Orange Nation, well 21 of 22 anyhow, think it’ll be Texas in a walk tomorrow. I tend to think so, too. It can’t hurt if, as expected, Vince Young is on the sidelines. We shall see.

Texas at Kansas State

The unthinkable finally happened and the Tuscola Kid looks to be injured, or at least he’s been out of the game for several drives. Jevan Snead, his backup, still getting into the rhythm of the offense with K State ahead 21-14. The Horns’ season could be on the line here.

UPDATE  It was. Texas lost 45-42. I’ll always believe it was Colt’s injury taking him out of the game that caused it, even though Jevan tried hard and was at times impressive. But he hadn’t played since the Sam Houston State game and he turned in only mediocre passing (13 for 30) and minus 3 yards rushing. Texas fumbles and miscues played a part, as well. But K State always plays hard, and this year it was enough.