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Those hidden Ben Ghazi survivors

Lurch’s stutter the other day, when questioned by Fox News (but without any followup question, shame on Fox) about why the Ben Ghazi “embassy” survivors are not available for interviews, was really priceless. What a doofus.

The whole thing is disgusting. It underscores how the Democrat snooze media covers for their president. If he was a Republican, we’d never hear the end of it until the survivors held a newser and even then the exalted WaPo and NYTimes, not to mention the Alphabet electronics, would pick apart every answer. As it is they’re Obamalot’s quiet mice.

Chicago does Honduras

I don’t quite know what to make of this, whether it’s as important as it looks, or just more confusion. I suppose we’ll have to wait a few years before the fawning media gets around to telling us just what threats Hilarity and John ("I still have the hat!") Kerry made to twist their arms. They’ve even been battling the lawyers at the Library of Congress to try to restore their fig leaf of legality.

One good thing. When the ousted wouldbe dictator (whose room at the Brazilian embassy basement actually has a tinfoil curtain) starts spouting off about all those awful, mind-ray-blasting Jews, then, whether or not his big buddy Hugo C. comes to the White House for a celebratory grip-and-grin, Barry will look like a bigger fool than he does already.

UPDATE:  Well, there seems to be some level of hope that this anti-democracy push will not succeed.

The bogus polls

Hard as it may be to do, these last few weeks of the presidential election are the time to ignore the polls. Many of them will be phony from here on out, as the polling companies weight their results on the Dem side to satisfy their clients, usually partisan-Dem Big Media.

If mystery-man Barry somehow proves more compelling than "reporting-for-duty" Kerry did in 2004, and the turnout on election day is wholly different (packed, for instance, with bright-eyed Dem youth), then the polls might be meaningful. Otherwise, there’ll be a repeat of 2004, when the polls showed right up until election day that Kerry was going to take it. Then he lost by three million votes. There’s already some indication that Barry could lose by a lot more.

Baby Barry and John Kerry

Rasmussen Reports, a favorite among people looking for an objective pollster, finds a curious July polling resemblance between this year’s Dem nominee and the one who lost back in 2004:

"Obama’s support looks a lot like John Kerry’s. The only big difference is that Obama is currently doing about five points better against McCain than Kerry did against George W. Bush. Four years ago, exit polls showed Bush defeating Kerry among white men by a 62% to 37% margin. Today, Obama is doing four points better than that and trails 58% to 37% among white men.

"The tale is the same among white women. Bush won that demographic by eleven percentage points, 55% to 44%. Obama is doing five points better and trails by only six, 48% to 42%. Among non-white females, Obama leads by fifty-four points, up three from Kerry’s margin of fifty-one points. However, Obama lags a bit among non-white males. This year’s presumptive nominee leads by twenty-nine points among that group, down from Kerry’s thirty-seven point margin."

Whatever Old Media would have you believe about BB vs Mac, this summer situation ought to give any supporter of The One concern. Indeed, some of them already are blaming, what else, racism.

In the tank for Barry

I grew tired years ago of the NYT’s favored political narrative. So I wasn’t surprised when they ignored the Swift Boat veterans in 2004 to help keep John Kerry’s effete head above water. Followed of course by the rest of the old media sheep, which like to run the day’s political narrative from the NYT on their front pages. Until Kerry sank out of sight on election day. Now they’re doing the same for Barry. Not that it will help, I don’t think. I’m still with VHD on the subject: Barry will be the McGovern of 2008, losing even his home state of Illinois. Not a popular prediction, I know. But if you allowed yourself to live within the old media’s bubble in mid-2004, the idea of Kerry losing also seemed preposterous.

UPDATE: "Calvinball" begins. Newsweek signs up for Barry by issuing the "rules" of campaigning. As if.