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Those Jihadi Turks

Much is made of Turkey’s alleged history of secularism. They banned the fez and the veil, etc., etc. Yet when I went to high school in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara in 1961-62, Turkish intolerance of non-Muslim religions was extreme.

Anyone openly espousing Judaism or Christianity was liable to wind up very dead— murdered in the street by the police if not stoned to death by a mob, in the name of one of the world’s most backward and certainly its most dangerous religions.

So I find it not at all surprising that a Turkish “charity” with ties to Hamas and other radical Islamic groups sent the “peace activists” to try to break Israel’s self-defense blockade of Gaza. Their goal, of course, is to destroy Israel. Here’s a video filmed by Al-Jeezera before the flotilla left Cyprus.

It is making for tense times on the Yahoo Groups email list of my old Ankara High School graduating class. Those who still laud Turkish culture, and even make infrequent trips back there, are fewer and farther between. Me, I’m going to Israel in the fall. To hell with Turkey.

Israel stands alone

As always. “Rage” screamed the daily’s lede headline this morning. Rage over the “raid.” Turned out to be a truncated NYTimes story. As always. In which the UN was treated like a reasonable, deliberative body instead of a gang of human rights-denying dictators in humanitarian drag. As always. And the armed terrorists on the Turkey-sponsored, blockade-challenging ship are called “peace activists.” As always.

And in my email a few hours later comes a “chin-up” letter from the Jewish Federation of Greater Austin reminding that “experience has shown us that whenever there is additional tension in the Middle East or military action involving Israel, we tend to see an increase in anti-Israel and anti-Jewish attitudes, expressions and activity as well as an added risk to Jewish communal institutions.”

It was not always like that. Only lately. Now that we have a lefty president more interested in coddling Muslims than leading the free world. Who sends out his cuckolded secretary of state to, what else, condemn Israel. It is, however, a good reminder that this “rage” isn’t really about Israel. It’s about something much older, and, once more, the old clouds seem to be gathering for a new storm.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, one brave high school kid parades an Israeli flag through a chest-thumping Muslim mob. Could be this storm won’t end like the others.

UPDATE:  Spengler on the attack on Israel. The “attack”? Yes, the attack. And what are we doing? Joining the attackers: “For the first time in modern history the United States has cast its vote against Israel in the United Nations—in a resolution singling Israel out as the Middle East’s nuclear-arms miscreant and in a second resolution to condemn Israel over the Gaza flotilla charade.” G-d help Israel. G-d help us all.

Asymmetric warfare

The “peace activists” on that Turkish ship clearly got what they deserved, i.e. gunfire, as shown in this IDF video from Jerusalem blogger Richard Landes. But Roger L. Simon also has a point in his PJTV interview with Landes: Why wasn’t the IDF better prepared for violent resistance when they boarded the Mavi Marmara to search its bound-for-Gaza cargo? Meanwhile, I agree with Landes that it’s time for Israel to recognize that Turkey is not its friend and to join the West in condemning Turkish complicity in the Armenian genocide. Long overdue.

UPDATE:  Sensible words from Israel’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman MK Tzachi HaNegbi (Kadima):  “After Operation Cast Lead, the government decided to impose a maritime blockade on Gaza [in accordance with international law governing parties in a state of armed conflict – ed.], and that all cargo headed for Gaza would be checked first in the Ashdod port…

“This issue is a matter of total consensus in Israel, and the reason is the sense of injustice that we all feel, the cynicism and hypocrisy that typify the attack on the State of Israel, and the sense we all have that the IDF’s operation yesterday was logical and ethical.

“We left Gaza five years ago, yet for years we have been attacked from Gaza, and our soldier Gilad Shalit is still being held in a dark dungeon in Gaza. We therefore feel that we have the right to act in the way we did.”

Via Arutz Sheva (Israel International News).