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Longhorns vs Huskers

Can’t help believing, going into this game, that it will be a Horns victory. Like to see Colt have some impressive plays to counter what Mark Ingram did against Florida. We shall see.

UPDATE: Mid-3rd quarter. I guess Colt can kiss the Heisman goodbye. He’s thrown two interceptions and been sacked a bunch of times. Still, at 10-6, Texas has a chance to win it. This is old-time, smashmouth football, a low-scoring, defensive struggle. So far, and looks to stay that way.

FINAL:  Husker fans will be upset, like their coaches were. Been a while since the Horns won a heartstopper like this one, 13-12. Champions find a way, they say. As for the Heisman, I hear they don’t give them to defensive tackles. But they should give one to Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh.