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Hey, I thought protest was patriotic

Captain Omerica

Naw, that was just for anti-Bush Democrats. Fortunately, these days, all you need is a few bucks for a web site, a video camera, some friends and, bingo, comeback even to the legacy media. Which is so sensitive about its declining audience that it will even take the time to respond to you. What a country.

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The Wind Power Shuck

Blast from the past. 2010:

Barry and his party would have us believe they can tax coal power plants out of business and we’ll all get by on wind and solar power. Uh, huh. Except for people in the snow belt:

“Minnesota invested itself in alternative energy sources years ago, and so the revelation that the state spent $3.3 million on eleven wind turbines hardly qualifies as news. However, the fact that they don’t work in cold weather does.”

Well, the state can always sue the manufacturer. Hee. And Minnesotans can be thankful they still have coal-power electricity to keep them warm. So far, anyhow.

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hope change 75 perecent off

Let the ridicule begin. Hope-n-change is declining in value. No surprise.

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UPDATE:  VDH scores some ridicule hits with his “Obamarang” essay:

“Obama assures on eight occasions he will televise all health-care deliberations on C-SPAN. This [was] clear proof that nothing [would] be televised [and, indeed] debate occurr[ed] behind closed doors, punctuated by votes purchased through $300 million bribes and state exemptions from federal statutes.”

Barry’s Kryptonite: Ridicule

Barry beclowned himself with his SOTU. The least we can do is return the favor:

“…we’d better get busy with the ridiculing, mocking, derision, scorn, belittling, shaming, parodying, satirizing and lampooning toot sweet like our lives, homes, families, nation and the world depend on it. (Because they do.)”

Worth a full read. Although I think the military still is capable of obliterating any enemy. So weak president or no, we’re not in much danger.

Our 401Ks will tank again

Thanks a heap, Mr. President. You and your anti-business party are really tops at prolonging this recession. My 401K pension was almost back to where it was before last year’s big plunge. Then you had to go and take swipes at the banking industry and Wall Street while your tax plans remain uncertain. Now our 401ks are headed for the cellar again. And you wonder why you’re losing independent voters. Duh.

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Hell hath no fury, etc.

0_21_450Another one of Barry’s handpicked advisors embarrasses himself, et al.

Barry as Iago

Barry’s supposed journalistic critics contend he is merely clueless due to his lack of experience. But Shakespeare’s great play Othello, suggests another view entirely:

“Obama is not merely ‘clueless.’ Even when he gives lip service about the regrettable necessity of war as he did in the Nobel speech, Obama’s words do not ring true because they lack conviction. Iago, too, repeatedly professes his allegiance to Othello and has a reputation of being honest. Too many around him overlook evidence to the contrary. But careful readers understand character.”

Worth a look.