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Specious argument

I have often, foolishly, commented that the climate modeling of anthropogenic global warming can’t be accurate since weather forecasting is so fallible. It’s a poor argument, as Andrew Dessler at Texas A&M shows:

"Predicting the weather is like predicting what the next roll [of the dice] will be. Predicting the climate is like predicting what the average and standard deviation of 1000 rolls will be. The ability to predict the statistics of the next 1000 rolls does not hinge on the ability to predict the next roll. Thus, one should not dismiss climate forecasts simply because weather forecasts are only good for a few days."

On the other hand, it’s a good argument to say that the climate models are too weak to be trusted, because the physics of the atmosphere isn’t fully understood. In other words: garbage in, garbage out.

No joke

Aggies won it, 12-7. Best on the ground, best through the air, best on defense. We’ll just have to hope that Colt is not seriously injured. Or, if he is, that Jevan can grow into the job next year. This year is over for the Longhorns, except for whatever bowl bid they get. The Alamo, maybe? More like the Cotton or the Gator.

Texas vs the Ags

Texas is comfortably favored to beat Texas A&M on Friday and so advance to the Big 12 Championship against Nebraska. As Longhorn Nation reminds, the last time the Ags beat the Longhorns, Colt McCoy was in the eighth grade. In Kansas City, we’ll see something, probably, like a much tighter game for one thing. I just hope it doesn’t lead to playing Boise State in a bowl. From the Rose Bowl to Boise State in one year would be too much to swallow.

We’re taking Mr. Boy to see the A&M Corps of Cadets march up Congress Avenue to the Capitol Friday morning, something he hasn’t seen since he was two. I’ll post the best picture from that. Their band is good and it’s always fun to see the seniors with their riding boots and swords. Some of those boys could be lieutenants in Iraq or Afghan this time next year.