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Jordan Shipley


If there’s one thing the Longhorns miss more than any other this season, it’s a reliable receiver (who doesn’t drop balls) like Jordan Shipley. But he plays for the Cincinnati Bengals, now. Where I’m sure he’s happier. As well as paid.

Horns to NFL

Congrats to Earl Thomas (Seattle), Sergio Kindle (Baltimore), Lamarr Houston (Oakland), Jordan Shipley (Cincinnati), Roddrick Muckelroy (also Cincinnati), and Colt McCoy (Cleveland).

The daily is sputtering over McCoy, the winningest, etc. being a late, second round pick (long after Bradford and Tebow), but I’m not surprised. I still say he’s injury prone and I think we’ll see that in his (probably short) pro career.

Longhorn countdown

Just twelve days to Arkansas State. Now, if those hot receivers Limas Sweed, Billy Pittman, and Jordan Shipley can just recover from their pre-season injuries…

Horns or Aggies but Bulldogs forever

Kevin Robbins does a nice job showing why the Friday night lights are where it’s at in Texas via Aggies quarterback Stephen McGee and Texas receiver Jordan Shipley–and why folks in their hometown of Burnet want the Longhorns to win Friday but Stephen to have a good game.