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Horns to NFL

Congrats to Earl Thomas (Seattle), Sergio Kindle (Baltimore), Lamarr Houston (Oakland), Jordan Shipley (Cincinnati), Roddrick Muckelroy (also Cincinnati), and Colt McCoy (Cleveland).

The daily is sputtering over McCoy, the winningest, etc. being a late, second round pick (long after Bradford and Tebow), but I’m not surprised. I still say he’s injury prone and I think we’ll see that in his (probably short) pro career.


Should be quite a game this morning. Just hope the Longhorns don’t start off slow like they’ve done a couple of times this year. Dig a hole deep enough and they might not get out of it. Especially with WR Ryan Broyles back in the Zero U lineup.

Tickled to learn from the daily that the land grabber’s calm QB Sam Bradford, last year’s Heisman winner, plays the cello. Surely a first for a college quarterback. And what’s with Colt wearing glasses now? Hope Sam doesn’t get hurt again, but a lot of QB hurries on him from Sergio Kindle and Sam Acho would be good. Go get’em, Colt!

Hook’em and, uh, OU sucks.

UPDATE:  OU 6, TX 3 at the half. Sorry to see Sam reinjure his shoulder early in the first quarter. But OU defense is keeping TX from a touchdown. Both have fumbled twice. Penalties all over. According to my favorite announcers at KVET-FM, it’s the lowest-scoring first half of the rivalry.

FINAL: Texas wins a grinding game 16-13. Not a pretty one for Colt or Shipley, and way too many play-hindering penalties. But the defense was key, the running game was huge and it’s nice to see the win.


It isn’t even college football season yet, and the starting lineup of the Texas Longhorns already may have shrunk by one player, 2006 top recruit and linebacker Sergio Kindle, 19, who is faced with a DWI charge. Meanwhile ex-safety Robert Joseph, who was suspended in June after being charged with burglary of a vehicle, has now been charged in a new incident with aggravated robbery–a first degree felony. Defensive end Henry Melton, 20, also was charged with DWI in June. Please, guys, let the attrition stop here, OK?