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Tuscola Kid: Winningest College QB

Texas QB Colt McCoy, leading a 51-20 thumping of Kansas last night, became the winningest quarterback in college football history. The Horns will play Nebraska for the Big Twelve title. And, almost certainly, play the winner of the SEC title for the National Championship. Quite a night.

Bet on Kansas

I know, I know. Mighty Memphis. Derrick Rose, CDR, and the streak, etc. All the sportswriters are drooling over Memphis and its up-tempo attack. They figure Kansas for an also ran. But me and some bookies think this is the Big Twelve’s year. So let’s roll with Brandon Rush, Mario Chalmers and the Jayhawks’ shutdown defense.

UPDATE: Like I said. Jayhawks 75, Tigers 68, in OT. Good game, Memphis.