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The left hand washing the right

The amazing thing about the Clintons is that they tip everybody off when they’re doing something smarmy, as if they really want to be caught. So when Hilarity refused to follow the norm of presidential candidates past and release her’s and Bad Bill’s tax returns, it was apparent that something was afoot.

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The eight-year-old scandal

So what is the NYTimes up to? Bashing McCain for something that happened eight years ago, now, before he’s even nominated? Why not wait until, say, October? Could it be they want to give Huckabee a better chance, figuring Barry (or even Hilarity) will have a better chance against the Huckster than McCain? For once I agree with CNN: it seems this is more a story about the NYTimes than it is about McCain.

UPDATE:  The fact that the NYTimes offered NO PROOF for its assertion that McCain actually had an affair with a female lobbyist didn’t stop the Associated Press from picking up the story and expanding it for its clients. In addition to having no accuracy, they obviously have no shame.

The Texas primary

I’m not sure who will win the March 4 Texas primary, where early voting began today, and I can’t say I really care. I think either Democrat candidate is, as I have said before, imminently beatable–Hilarity because she has Bad Bill in tow, and Barry (the name Obama went by in high school) because he’s a pure lefty populist-socialist whose only compelling asset is his race. Half of it, anyhow. Some think Huckabee could beat McCain, but we’ll see. I don’t understand why so many Republicans are throwing in the towel against the Dems before the race even begins. Because our former governor, GW Bush, is so unpopular? Nonsense. You could be pardoned for believing that, given that the MSM harps on his negatives every day, but, hey, they have done that for eight years–including the day after he won re-election in 2004 by five million votes. As for Texas, the Democrat primary may get the lefty press ink but it’s just a sideshow. No way, their nominee will carry this state in November. Huckabee might do well in the primary, but I believe McCain will prevail, here on March 4, and here again on Nov. 4 and in the rest of the country.

UPDATE: I have been asked whether I, like this fellow, intend to vote in our open primary for one of the Dems, just to keep them unresolved until their convention. I thought about it. But I can’t do it.

The woman or the minority?

It makes me grin, just thinking about the fight between Hilarity and Barry. It was the Dems who invented the "women and minorities" canard. As in the joke headline: "World Ends Tomorrow, Women and Minorities to Suffer Most." Now the Dems are twisting in the wind. Which will it be: the woman or the minority? Can’t be both. Got to be one or the other. So choose, already. Tough cookies for you.

UPDATE:  As Victor Davis Hanson shows, for the white male, it is quite beyond parody

The second-grade choice

Obama-rama, the Keep Hope Alive candidate who is already leading his enthralled leftie audiences in Jesse Jackson-like chanting, is the presidential pick of most of the kids in Mr. Boy’s second-grade class. Mr. B., whose occasional rebellion in the behavior department masks his generally-conformist nature, says he also is for the O man because "he gives good speeches." But you shouldn’t take any significance from this, despite the fact that most kids this young are merely parroting their parents. This is Austin, the San Francisco of Texas, which always can be counted on to be majority Democrat, whatever the issue, while the rest of the state reliably votes Republican. Of perhaps more significance is the class consensus on Hilarity: Says Mr. B.: "She only cried to make people feel sorry for her." The class wasn’t fooled.

Hilarity’s $5 mil

The story the MSM is playing is that Hilarity pulled a Romney and loaned her campaign $5 million. The question that’s going unasked–let alone answered–is where did she get $5 million? How did this supposed paragon of social concern get rich? Is this from Slick Willie’s speaking fees?

UPDATE:  So it seems. That and their memoir book fees, says the NYPost. So I jumped the gun on this one. And here’s more of her "income." The questions are still going unasked, however, in the sense that the Clintons aren’t really scrutinized by the MSM, and never have been. Will it change if she’s elected? I doubt it.

MORE:  Finally, the question gets asked. And answered

Team Clinton


Just think, if enough women in America vote for Hilarity–as well they might–we’ll have four more years of Slick Willie: his pawing, his finger-wagging lies and his corruptions. She never could control him for one minute. No more corrupt than Truman, an 87-year-old cousin of mine in Dallas assures me. The cousin’s otherwise Republican wife says she will vote for the first woman president. Maybe. But, still.

UPDATE  Historian Victor Davis Hanson nails Blatant Bill’s latest morphing into Jimmy Swaggert and shows why the elections may turn on race, class and gender in a way the Dems haven’t planned.