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Longhorns vs Huskers

Can’t help believing, going into this game, that it will be a Horns victory. Like to see Colt have some impressive plays to counter what Mark Ingram did against Florida. We shall see.

UPDATE: Mid-3rd quarter. I guess Colt can kiss the Heisman goodbye. He’s thrown two interceptions and been sacked a bunch of times. Still, at 10-6, Texas has a chance to win it. This is old-time, smashmouth football, a low-scoring, defensive struggle. So far, and looks to stay that way.

FINAL:  Husker fans will be upset, like their coaches were. Been a while since the Horns won a heartstopper like this one, 13-12. Champions find a way, they say. As for the Heisman, I hear they don’t give them to defensive tackles. But they should give one to Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh.

Tuscola Kid: Winningest College QB

Texas QB Colt McCoy, leading a 51-20 thumping of Kansas last night, became the winningest quarterback in college football history. The Horns will play Nebraska for the Big Twelve title. And, almost certainly, play the winner of the SEC title for the National Championship. Quite a night.

Texas 41, Missouri 7

Best part of this blowout was watching the rejuvenated Tuscola Kid’s almost flawless passing and occasional good running against a 4-2 team while Bama almost lost to 3-3 Tennessee and Florida struggled with 3-4 Mississippi State. I’m sure the BCS computers won’t notice, however.

KVET FM’s good announcing made the Texas game, as always. Craig Way, "the Voice of the Longhorns" and his sidekicks aren’t homers but give equal measure to both teams and all of the players. Much more complete than the half-witted commentating on ABC. The overpaid network guys never seem to know enough to actually report the game-in-progress but just keep repeating the same conventional wisdom over and over again. But this ESPN guy isn’t bad.


Should be quite a game this morning. Just hope the Longhorns don’t start off slow like they’ve done a couple of times this year. Dig a hole deep enough and they might not get out of it. Especially with WR Ryan Broyles back in the Zero U lineup.

Tickled to learn from the daily that the land grabber’s calm QB Sam Bradford, last year’s Heisman winner, plays the cello. Surely a first for a college quarterback. And what’s with Colt wearing glasses now? Hope Sam doesn’t get hurt again, but a lot of QB hurries on him from Sergio Kindle and Sam Acho would be good. Go get’em, Colt!

Hook’em and, uh, OU sucks.

UPDATE:  OU 6, TX 3 at the half. Sorry to see Sam reinjure his shoulder early in the first quarter. But OU defense is keeping TX from a touchdown. Both have fumbled twice. Penalties all over. According to my favorite announcers at KVET-FM, it’s the lowest-scoring first half of the rivalry.

FINAL: Texas wins a grinding game 16-13. Not a pretty one for Colt or Shipley, and way too many play-hindering penalties. But the defense was key, the running game was huge and it’s nice to see the win.

Texas 34, Texas Tech 24

Not the prettiest Texas win I ever saw, but it will have to do. Tech, as always, was a tough customer. The Leach bomber squadron’s new QB Taylor Potts is almost as good as Graham Harrell was last year. Fortunately for Texas, Potts does not have WR Michael Crabtree. Colt looked pretty shaky for most of the game. Turns out he was sick earlier in the week. He certainly showed no sign of a serious Heisman campaign, but we have a long way to go yet. The defense, however, played great. RB Tre’ Newton was fun to watch.

Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford

I was truly sorry to see Bradford injured but I was cautiously delighted to see the Sooners lose to BYU. Even before their star QB took his shoulder injury they looked to be struggling. And the main reason he was hit hard enough to be injured was that his offensive line wasn’t protecting him as well as they did last year.

Bradford may be out for two to six weeks. Can they win without him? Maybe. Landry Jones, his backup, looked pretty good. A delay-of-game call on a crucial play was the only apparent thing that kept him from winning it. It would be a good thing for Texas not to have to face a Bradford-led OU for the Red River Shootout. But it might damage Texas’ chances for a national title, if their strength-of-schedule is further diminished by a weakened Oklahoma. And it’s also scary. The same thing, after all, could happen to Colt McCoy.

Let’s hope he survives

After a "mild concussion" on Saturday, Colt McCoy announces two days later that he will play against Oklahoma this weekend. Believe I’ve read it takes a week to get over even a "mild concussion," which I keep putting in quotes because that’s what we’re told the team doctors called the injury that had McCoy reportedly vomiting on the sidelines in the fourth quarter

"He’s tough," head coach Mack Brown said. "Most kids would have come out at halftime."

He plainly isn’t tough. This was his second debilitating injury at the hands of a K-State tackler in less than a year. Oklahoma is tough. Let’s hope Colt is not throwing his life away to make his coaches happy. And fer crissakes, Brown, will you stop calling your players "kids." Of all the dopey coach-speak routines, that is the sorriest.

UPDATE: Someone else who thinks Colt needs to sit this one out, for his own health. On the other hand, UT legend Major Applewhite had a concussion in 1998 and played the next weekend, too. But Major had this little trick of sliding to the ground when a tackler was about to grab him.